Business Consulting



The Leadership Ignite Company staff have consulted with several small to mid-sized organization, on developmental areas such as leadership training, effective communications, managerial skills improvement, team-building, computer skills, and entrepreneurship.

Faculty Development


Based on decades of building and developing teams of full-time and adjunct faculty, the Leadership Ignite team is prepared to help new and existing  faculty excel and become "go-to faculty" team members and effective college and university teachers.  Dr. Glaid and Dr. Knox have collaborated in authoring their practical guide "Put Me In The Game Coach: A Practical Guide to Becoming an A+ Adjunct and Facultypreneur".  For anyone seeking to become a college-level instructor, this book is a must read.

Leadership Consultant & Author


Leadership Ignite … Unleash the Consciousness 2019 will ignite one’s awareness and consciousness of the meaning and purpose of organizational, strategic, and executive leadership. By bringing these topics and examples into the forefront of one’s thinking, each reader will be in a better position to recognize leadership, while promoting individual growth and development of their own personal abilities, as well as their willingness to lead and make a difference in the organizations they are a part.

Lighthouses symbolize the way forward and help in navigating one’s way through rough waters whether those waters be financial, personal, business or spiritual in nature. Nothing else speaks of safety and security in the face of adversity and challenge quite the way a lighthouse does. Leaders, much like a lighthouse, are also responsible for envisioning the future, and navigating their followers through the rough waters in order to achieve and exceed organizational objectives.

I welcome each reader to this collection of articles and practical examples of leadership and people who hold leadership positions, as I have reflected on decades of experience in major organizations, and pulled from the past 15 years as a life-long learner, student and professor of the fascinating study of organizational leadership.