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Leadership Ignite Company is a privately-owned consulting and training organization dedicated to helping individuals ignite their consciousness of what it means to lead, and the ways organizational leadership impacts the future of organizations.  We suggest leadership has much more to do with one’s frame of mind, than one’s position.  Our Associates help to ignite (and bring into the consciousness) our clients' passion in ways that enables them to make positive differences in the organizations they are a part. 

Closely related to leading within organizations, Leadership Ignite also specializes in the fundamentals of management, helping our clients hone their skills in the areas of planning, organizing, leading, and evaluating/controlling.

Led by Dr. Tim Glaid, a seasoned and past business executive and life-long learner, the organization is poised to provide analysis of organizational effectiveness, coupled with the awareness and skill training for every member of the organization. 

Leadership Ignite Company
Upper St. Clair, PA  15241-1300
(412) 260-5841

Put Me In The Game Coach: A Practical Guide to Becoming an A+ Adjunct and Facultypreneur by Dr. Tim Glaid & Dr. Ken Knox

Order link:  https://www.search-it-buy-it.com/sibi/order?vId=007&MTXGaubZ/6fJxkW1wieqa2c51PM/+AgpEG4NqCIwBfdCXustZbz5etmVeh2fRCN+NGIAOghwQz/KQsb5EKnHKQ==

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