Leadership Ignite supports two separate initiatives, including:  1) Leadership Training and Coaching; and 2) Authoring of books and articles..

Please use the "CONTACT US" tab of this website for requesting a personal contact from a Leadership Ignite Representative.  Be sure to identify the focus of your interest.


1) Purpose – Provide leadership awareness that will help ignite and unleash individual leadership qualities and behaviors.  Provide modular-based training which will:  1) introduce and define leadership; 2) demonstrate how individual leaders can help influence organizational culture; 3) correlate management and leadership, while focusing on team-building and team success; and understanding motivational theory and the impact of empowerment to world-class behavior.

2) Measurement of Success – Increased leadership awareness and confidence in the staff and associates of the organization, as measured by pre and post-seminar testing methodologies.

3 Training Sessions

- Flexible to meet client’s needs 

4) Module 1 – Foundation

- Defining Leadership

- Igniting Personal Passion

- Envisioning the Possible

- Position vs. Leadership

- Business Trends Impacting Businesses

- Preparing for Success

- Self Assessment

- Leadership – Born or Learned?

5) Module 2 – Organizational Culture

- Traditions

- Culture Defined

- Leaders Influence on Culture

- Universal Commitment

- Continuous Learning

- Leading Change

6) Module 3 – Management vs. Leadership

- Plan, Organize, Lead, Control

- Varying Styles (e.g., autocratic, laissez-faire, collaborative)

- Situational Leadership

- Team Building

- Information Exchange

- Win-Win

7) Module 4 – Motivating Behavior

- Personal Values

- Empowering Associates

- Ready to Lead

- Ask why? Ask why? Ask why?

- Collaboration

- World-class Organizations

- Self Assessment

- Start-Stop-Continue

8) Training Requirements

- conference room facility

- easel and/or white board

- use of Proxima/overhead projector


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